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Become a leader in your Niche, get comfortable being Expensive, deliver Outstanding results.

Wherever You Are In Your Journey

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Done For You
The Team Genius Way

Team Genius is my digital studio.
We specialize in setting up CRM systems, Zapier automations and digital products. By effectively integrating technology in all areas of your business we're are creating space for you to focus on what's really important.

Do It Yourself
The Anywhere Boss Path

Anywhere Boss is a collection of online courses and a community perfectly designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an Anywhere Boss. The program cover personal and spiritual growth, as well as tech education.

Get Mentored. Book An Anywhere Boss Session

A unique blend of personal, business and spiritual insights. This package leverages the power of Akashic readings and the profound insights of your life numbers to clear a pathway and release any stuckness that blocks your progress to become an Anywhere Boss.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022
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The Most Dynamic Entrepreneur 2022
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2022 Most Creative CEO
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Embark on A Journey of Empowerment

I help people create realistic, sustainable systems that house a harmonic structure of abundance, wealth, and enabling boundaries.

Whether you choose the "Done for You" approach or the "Anywhere Boss Path," you can be sure that the process will deliver clarity, empower you, and provide the tools to successfully navigate your own journey.

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